Jazz Is Life

Yesterday evening, my son had a jazz concert at his high school. All three of the jazz bands played, as well as a combo made up of celebrity alumni. I like jazz best when I’m listening to Danny, but at last night’s concert all the groups played so well, it didn’t much matter.

However, the point of this particular post is not to sing Danny’s praises.

Several of the pieces last night sounded, at times, somewhat discordant. And it occurred to me that jazz is life–or, at least, jazz is a metaphor for life. All the musicians play their pieces. Sometimes there are sudden key changes, or changes in tempo–jazz is notorious for temp0 changes; think Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five.” Sometimes, while each of the musicians is playing his or her part, all at the same time, it seems to be cacophony. Then, all of a sudden, the different parts come together, and the music soars.

Life is like that. There are days, at least for me, when the kids and I are busy going our separate ways, sometimes in conflict. Schedules don’t work out; personalities clash. And then, unexpectedly, there comes that moment when everyone is in the same place at the same time, and we are all in agreement with one another. The moment may be fleeting, but it’s there. It leaves me with the knowledge that if there can be one moment, there can be more. We, too, can come together and soar.


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