And So It Begins…

Originally I was going to call this “BlogBlessings.” Like so many other people do at the beginning of January, I think of things I want to change in my life. One thing I’d like to work on is being more aware of the world around me. And so I thought I’d try to start a daily blog in which I would note one thing I’m grateful for.

However, the more I thought about it, the less I liked the idea. For one thing, here it is almost two weeks into January, and I’m just beginning. So the whole idea of a daily posting is already off to a late start. It reminds me of the Page-a-Day calendars my kids and I buy every year. We start out every January, each with our brand-new calendar. (Okay, we start a couple of days late there, too, because I always wait until after January 2, when the calendars are always half-price, to buy them.) And the first few days, or even weeks, we industriously rip off the previous day’s page–sometimes sharing it with one another, sometimes not. Then we start skipping pages–a day here, a week there. Next thing we know a month has passed, and we’re frantically thumbing through days’ worth of jokes, or brain teasers, or tangram designs, or sports-team facts. So I’m officially nixing the idea of a daily blog post. I don’t want to feel guilty before I even start.

The past few days, it’s been fascinating to read about and listen to the debate raging about civility and political discourse. I don’t have anything to say that hasn’t been already said, much less in a profound manner. I’ve also been drawn to the coverage about the final illness and death of singer-songwriter Debbie Friedman, whose music so changed and inspired–and inspired to change–the American Jewish community. I lack personal memories of her. I never went to a camp at which she was a songleader, I never attended a convention–URJ, Hadassah, or other–at which she performed. I regret that I never attended one of her healing services when Barry was ill. He did not subscribe to such things and I honored his preference, but I wish I had gone for me. Debbie’s “Mi Shebeirach” never fails to move me, often to tears. We are almost all of us in need of healing at one time or another. Debbie’s song spoke to the healing of the soul as well as the healing of the body. I thought of the song last night as I listened to President Obama speaking in Arizona. And  it occurred to me that we should be singing “Mi Shebeirach” not just to honor Debbie Friedman, but in hopes of healing ourselves.


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  1. Susan Landis-Steward
    Jan 14, 2011 @ 00:18:08

    Am I your first commenter? Good for you. I didn’t know of Debbie Friedman until she died and several of my Facebook friends mentioned her. I listened to some of her music and plan to buy some when I get paid. Only then I’ll have to learn Hebrew to understand her, but I’ve been planning to do that for sometime now.

    Congrats on the blog. WordPress is the best! And you can sign up for their postaweek challenge if postaday is too much. I’m doing postaday and so far so good.



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